Robin Hood Army To Make Sure That Nobody Goes Hungry On I-Day
August 12, 2017
Rima Tandon (234 articles)

Robin Hood Army To Make Sure That Nobody Goes Hungry On I-Day

Even though our country is on the brink of incredible development in various sectors of economy, education, health, there are still millions of people in this country who go to bed every day with an empty stomach. But this Independence Day, thanks to Robin Hood Army, appropriately named, that works to get surplus food from high-end restaurants and distribute to the ones who really need it, the city’s poor and underprivileged are going to be served food from luxurious hotels like ITC Grand Chola to city’s favourite stores like Cream Stone, Tibb’s Frankie etc.

Named after literature’s favourite character, who stole from the rich to give it to the poor, Robin Hood Army will feed 1 lakh meals to the Chennai’s underprivileged. Aiming to hit a million meals across the country and Pakistan on Independence Day, the organization has been spreading the word through #Mission1Million campaign on various social media platforms.

Bhisham Sahi who manages the Chennai Chapter of the organisation, says they are planning to cover hotspots for the homeless like Marina Beach, North Madras and areas around the Egmore station.The delivery of the food will be done with the help of the delivery team of the app, Dinein, as well as volunteers and their families.

If you are interested and wants to be a part of the initiative, you can join the army over here.



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Rima Tandon

Rima Tandon


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