Beloved Pub Roadhouse Is Closing And They’re Going Out With Drinks At INR 75

Bangalore’s pub landscape is vibrant and ever changing but we love that about our Garden City. Unfortunately, the downside is that you see some of your favourite pubs closing down for good or for reinvention. It looks like another one bites the dust as Roadhouse is destined to shut its doors this month.

However, it isn’t all bad news as Roadhouse has planned a ‘Farewell Party’ of sorts in order to ensure that they go out with a bang. And what have they got in store for us? All drinks at only INR 75 from Sunday to Thursday with the price increased to INR 99 per drink on Friday and Saturday.

Beloved Pub Roadhouse Is Closing And They're Going Out With Drinks At INR 75

So, if you’re in the mood to save some cash and say goodbye to the rustic biker style hangout, drop into the Roadhouse for a pint or a foosball game or perhaps even to sledge Chelsea fans, whatever helps you feel better. But make sure you hurry because it all ends on the day of our independence, so you’ve got about a week left to make it count!

Time: All Day

Date: Till August 15th

Place: Roadhouse, Indiranagar