Why Was Rita Ora Not Allowed Inside Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant?

Gordon Ramsay is quite the savage and we have enough proof to believe that. However, turns out that the staffs at his restaurant outlets are not any less ruthless and take their ‘rights to admission’ quite seriously. At least that’s what we believe after popular singer Rita Ora spoke about the time she was kicked out of one of Ramsay’s restaurants.


Not “Dressed The Part”

Ora was recently on The Jonathan Ross Show along with Gordon Ramsay and musician Ed Sheeran when she recalled Ramsay’s staff turning her away because she wasn’t, in Ora’s words, “dressed the part”. Now, Ramsay may pride himself with a number of casino restaurants in the United States but he also does have a fair share of fine dines with some strict guidelines in his portfolio as well. And one such fine dine didn’t give a care in the world that their customer was a renowned pop star.

With just the right occasion at hand, Ora confronted chef Ramsay about the incident. According to the Your Song artist, she walked into the restaurant wearing a casual tracksuit and sneakers, and here’s her account of what ensued: “I wasn’t dressed the part, but I walked in and was like, ’Oh, I’d love a little, like, meal,’” Ora told Ramsay, Ross, and Sheeran. “And they just were like, ‘No, this isn’t happening for you’”.

Shocked by the snubbing account, Ramsay asked for further details – the name o the restaurant – but Ora remained tight-lipped, thus saving a few jobs. Watch the full exchange between the host and his three guests in the clip below.

Rita Ora Couldn’t Get Into Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant – The Jonathan Ross Show


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