Rita Ora Eats This Same Meal Every Morning

We’d be stating the obvious if we said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while it is important to eat a wholesome meal every morning, it is also important that one likes what is on their plate. Looks like Rita Ora has found just what meets her heart’s desire because as per a recent interview, the Anywhere artist eats the same thing(s) for breakfast each day.


Same Old, Same Old

“I always have egg whites with salmon every morning without fail, I don’t eat anything else,” the singer told PEOPLE recently. “Or I have like boiled eggs with salmon. I always have a bit of protein and I don’t have normal scrambled eggs, I do egg whites.”

But isn’t variety kind of the spice of life? So what makes Ora reach out for the same foods every morning? According to the singer, it’s essentially because she doesn’t have time to fall off her game, so she has a meal plan in place to keep on track.

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“I don’t have any breads, and I just have like chicken, and vegetables and I drink a lot of juices and a lot of water,” Rita, who will soon be seen in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed, added.


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