Rio Olympics Games Village Menu to Include Indian Food

On Wednesday, the Sports Ministry said that some of the Indian athletes going to Rio for the Olympics this year requested that Indian food be part of the menu during their stay. And in response, the Rio Olympics organisers have done just that.

“We have got confirmation from Rio Olympics organisers that our athletes will be served Indian food throughout the Games. It will be part of the official Games’ menu,” Sports Secretary Rajiv Yadav told PTI on Wednesday.

In fact, the Indian Olympic Association had also requested the Olympics Organising Committee to include Indian food to the menu at the Games Village. 

Yadav also added, “Getting the right food is essential if the athletes have to give their best in Rio.”

This year, India is sending over a hundred athletes to compete and represent the country at the Rio Games which begins on August 3rd and it’s only fair that they get to eat food that they are comfortable with and enjoy while away from home.