Rihanna Showers Austin Clubs With Major Tips

The gorgeous Rihanna was in Austin, Texas for a tour recently and gave the town more than just some great music. The singer was out partying on the night before her show, and the singer along with her entourage guzzled down $82.25 worth of Jameson and Cokes.

When the bill came around, the pop star surprised the staff of The Lodge on 6th with a mammoth tip of $200. That’s a friggin’ 243% tip! Damn, those bartenders found love in RiRi’s wallet!tumblr_nr336s6H3Y1r4d3dao1_540

And that ain’t all. Post the concert on Sunday, the Work star headed over to a strip club with Travis Scott, and if rumours are to be believed, the two dropped some major dough there as well till 5 in the morning. Almost as major as $15,000!

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