Rihanna Dons a Strange Disguise at a McDonald’s Outlet in Zurich

August has seen some strange things happening at major fast food chains across the world. For instance, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee was recently fired for allegedly lacing a bunch of teenagers’ donuts with bleach. Then, a Subway employee was fired for lacing a cop’s drink with meth. More benignly, Pizza Hut UK released a pizza box that doubled up as a turntable while a man in Texas rode his horse into a Taco Bell. Most recently, a McDonald’s in Zurich hosted pop star Rihanna who was behaving…well a little strangely.

Ri Ri Visits McDonald’s

It’s hard to be a star. Even if you want a simple McDonald’s happy meal, you have to don a disguise so that you don’t find yourself accosted by a host of fans as you dine.

A video uploaded on Instagram, however, showed us that Rihanna’s not always prepared. Since she didn’t have a big hat or a bevy of bodyguards with her, Rihanna chose to disguise herself on a trip to McDonald’s by sticking a super long receipt through her sunglasses to cover her face.

She gives the game away, however, when she begins sinning to the cashier and her friend recording the footage. Her friend berates her saying “this is not McDonalds’ behaviour.”

There’s no official word on what Rihanna had ordered, but she is seen leaving the restaurant with two massive bags of food. So, we conclude that even stars have McDonald’s parties; don’t knock the next one your friends put together!