This Restaurant Is Paying The Most Innovative Tribute To Carrie Fisher

And we really wish we could be a part if it!

It is a given that eating can suppress the heaviest of sorrows, a feeling that has settled over the hearts and minds of Princess Leia fans, following the sudden demise of actress Carrie Fisher. And what’s better than a good cheesy pizza to help you out of your fit of sadness?

Playing on just that emotion, Champion Pizza, a Soho-based pizzeria, is offering its Star Wars-fanatic customers free pizza in honour of Fisher passing away. But there is an interesting catch. The free pizza is only for people who dress up as Star Wars characters.carrie-fisher-as-princess-leia-in-star-wars-return-of-the-jedi

According to GrubStreet, you can dress up as any iconic Star Wars character and get a free slice, but if you want to bag a whole pie, you can do so by dressing up as Princess Leia, one of Fisher’s most well-known and beloved characters. So, you could be decked in the white flowing garb or the signature gold bikini, and you could earn yourself a cheesy treat from Champion Pizza.

Hakki Akdeniz, the owner of the pizzeria reveals the reason behind this generous tribute. According to Akdeniz, he has been a lifelong fan of the Star Wars franchise and actually learned to speak English primarily so he could watch A New Hope. In a way Carrie Fisher did so much more for Akdeniz than just being an exemplary and gorgeous actress. And that definitely calls for some free pizza!