Restaurant Menus In New York City Will Now Have Salt Warnings

We all know that too much salt can do harm. Ever wondered just how much salt you’re consuming with every meal? New York City has just taken one step closer to fitness goals and health goals by introducing awareness of salt in your diet. According to sources, New York City’s Board Of Health “voted unanimously” to have all chain restaurants in the city implement the concept of salt-shaker symbols on menus to indicate dishes having salt levels that are above the recommended daily limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium, which is about a teaspoon. 

While salt may be an essential ingredient in most of our meals, and also the one that adds flavour to our food, large amounts of salt intake can cause serious harm to the body over time. A diet of low and maintained levels of salt is always healthier and keeps health risks away. A small amount of salt is essential for health, however, with 1 gram being the recommended amount for adults and lesser for children. High salt consumption levels can also lead to reduced function of blood vessels and the more you ignore the fact that salt can do more bad than good, the more you may be damaging your blood vessels, heart, kidneys and brain. 


New York City health officials have made this initiative to spread awareness and keep the people of the city healthy by providing this essential information. Many scientists and experts, in their studies, have claimed that salt is highly dominant in the diets of Americans, which is in turn increasing their risk of health problems such as high blood pressure, potential heart attacks, strokes, and even obesity. The public health advocates and activists of the city have taken the proposal well, encouraging and applauding the initiative.