This Restaurant Guide Will Help You Dine Like The Sex And The City Gals

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda may have been super tied up with slaying Manhattan streets but they sure did know where to dine and shop. If there’s one thing the SATC chicas taught us over the years, it was how to maneuver one’s way through the streets and avenues of NYC. And while most of their life choices were rather questionable, they did know how to and where to party!

Keeping their dining choices in mind, the uber efficient folks over at have put together an interactive map that pins each and every place the girls have eaten and partied at over the span of 6 seasons and 2 movies. Not only does this magical work of geography name every place but it also mentions the season, episode and very scene it was featured in! Have a look.

 Source: Google Maps


Sigh! Dreams do come true.

Feature Image: manrepeller