This Restaurant In Chicago Will Pay You To Eat Soup If The Temperature Falls Below Zero Degrees

That’s right, Mather’s – More Than A Cafe in Chicago is offering a insanely sweet deal at their three restaurants this winter where if the temperatures drop below zero, customers will get paid to eat a bowl of split-pea soup.

Chicago, where the weather can go from really pleasant to really cold in a matter of minutes is the perfect place for this. Besides, when you’re freezing, the one thing that really does make everything better is a bowl of hot soup, whether you like split-pea soup or not! And, for those wondering, if the weather is a little higher, the price for a bowl of soup is whatever the day’s temperature is!


For example, on Friday, the temperature was at 14 degrees so the soup only cost customers a dime and few pennies (plus tax). The soups are on offer at the day’s high temperature throughout January and February. In fact, Mashable spoke with the restaurant’s assistant manager Beth Zoeller to get the scoop on whether or not this deal is for real. “The soup promotion has been a delicious way to get through some brutally cold winters over the last few years,” she said, adding that there have been instances in the past where the weather has dropped to negative temperatures and they’ve given pennies to customers as part of the deal.

On the menu is also a cream of mushroom, minestrone, cream of broccoli, split-pea and other flavours offered at the weather-based prices.