Restaurant Chef Game – Learn How to Play on Mobile

Are you looking for a fun, immersive cooking game? You are in the right place, as we love cooking as much as you do. 

Restaurant Chef is an addictive game that guarantees endless hours of having fun. 

Let’s find out more about Restaurant Chef and how to play on mobile!

Restaurant Chef Game - Learn How to Play on Mobile

FEATURES of the Game

Restaurant Chef is one of the most addictive, interesting games. It is based on a time-management approach to cooking, in which players can prepare delicious meals and desserts for their customers. The only drawback of the game is that you cannot eat them, too!

The game features numerous settings and cooking techniques, so players can practice their cooking skills to perfection and win the game. In addition to this, Restaurant Chef also has numerous ingredients that can be used in plenty of tasty dishes, ensuring hours and hours of fun, without repetitive levels!

The player can take charge of the kitchen and become a master chef. If you’ve always been passionate about the kitchen or this is your first cooking game, Restaurant Chef will offer you the best experience there is. 

What makes this game stand out is the variety of ingredients, dishes, and kitchen appliances. You start off with burgers and cold drinks, and you work your way to success, switching to coffee makers, ice makers, and even pizza ovens! 

Another highlight of the game is that their location changes frequently, so you can sharpen your cooking skills in different environments. In each exotic restaurant, you can cook, put together, and serve mouth-watering recipes

The gameplay is quite dynamic, with fast-paced chaos and (sometimes) a bit crazy customer! This ensures that boredom is always at bay while you get addicted to this cooking game. 

Recently developed in 2016, this game offers everything you could wish for. It includes all modern appliances you would expect in a real-life kitchen, and you can even cook food and serve it to multiple customers at once. 

There are more than 3,500 orders to be received over +435 addictive levels!

Lastly, another great feature of Restaurant Chef game is that you can progress as you wish. The kitchens can be upgraded, adding more and more tasty recipes, including Indian specialties, pizza, burgers, and much more to be discovered by you!


Restaurant Chef is a free game, but it offers in-app purchases if you wish to support the developer and enhance your gaming experience. 

For only $0.99, you can purchase 5,000 coins to be spent on upgrades, 10,000 coins for only $1.99, or 15,000 coins for only $2.99. 

This will ensure quick progress in the game, allowing you to upgrade your appliances and add more recipes!

How to Play/Download

Players can get into the Restaurant Chef game for hours. The game is currently only available for iOS and can be downloaded from the Apple Store by clicking here.

Once you download it, playing Restaurant Chef is quite straightforward. It has intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. You can cook burgers, pizza, and much more. 

The game features plenty of dishes that contain multiple ingredients, simulating the real cooking experience. The game is recommended for kids over +4, but even adults will find it extremely engaging!

The game will take the player through a variety of unique locations and exotic restaurants, covering a wide range of cuisine. For instance, as you progress, you will cook Indian food, Chinese, fast-food, pizza, coffee, burgers, ice cream, and much more. 

On top of everything, the game is continuously updated, so more and more locations, dishes, and ingredients are becoming available. This is what helps players have a fun experience. Not matter how long you play it, you cannot get bored of Restaurant Chef.

Lastly, the game gestures hundreds of upgrades for the kitchen interior and appliances that allow you to cook and serve faster. Each level is perfectly calibrated to offer a more challenging experience, but not too difficult to leave you frustrated. 

Restaurant Chef Game - Learn How to Play on Mobile


All in all, Restaurant Chef is a game that throws its shadow over all the other cooking games. With such addictive gameplay, it is impossible not to love it from the first moment!