A Restaurant Was Caught Selling Popeyes Chicken As Their Own And Things Got Weird

On the internet you see some pretty strange things. However, we weren’t expecting this. Sweet Dixie Kitchen in California recently got called out by a man named Tyler on Yelp, where the restaurant had some pretty favorable reviews. Tyler wrote that the chicken Sweet Dixie Kitchen was selling actually came from Popeyes.

However, instead of backing down, the owner, Kimberly Sanchez, offered a very bizarre explanation. She replied that they “Proudly serve Popeyes spicy tenders.”


After naming other places they borrow food from, Sanchez appeared to try and pass it off as part of a collaboration with local businesses. She even threw in some snark, something that seemed to be consistent with several of Sanchez’s previous Yelp responses, saying, “Whatever to you and your little review like it was some great exposure – and whatever to you dude.”

In this light, some of the previous reviews look downright silly with customers praising the fried chicken. It is also extremely odd that Dixie claims “Everything is made here- right down to our bacon jam and siracha sour cream sauce Stay Local- Stay Happy- and always Eat Well”

However, we do feel for the restaurant as it seems as though they’ve been hacked, also, they could potentially get sued by Popeyes so their good days may be far behind them.