Researchers Find The Odorants That Gives Wagyu Beef Its Aroma

Also known as Kobe beef in the US, Wagyu beef is known for its characteristic flavour, aroma and texture. It is a famous meat globally and one of the most expensive foods around the world. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists have found the key odorants responsible for lending the beef its aroma.

The Findings

The scientists have discovered using gas chromatography technology, ten compounds that give Wagyu beef the aroma that it is famous for. One of them was even associated with a cooked chicken which had an egg-white odour. The reason that they don’t smell the same is due to the constituents of the meat. The compounds discovered were newly identified ones and the most potent out of them was the one derived from the fatty acids of the meat.

Through this research, the scientists have been able to show the exact compounds that form the odorants for Wagyu and at the same time confirming that specific types of unsaturated fats have a role to play in the aromatic process.