Report Says Food On Railways Unfit For Human Consumption

In the last couple of months, it has seemed as though there were many measures in place in order to increase the quality of food served on the railways. There was the news that vending machines would be implemented as well as the opportunity to order from popular fast food joints on your journey. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be making a dent!

A Comptroller and Auditor General audit report on the catering services in the Indian Railways, which is to be presented in Parliament on Friday, has some explosive truths. The report states that food articles unsuitable for human consumption, contaminated foodstuff, recycled foodstuff, expired packaged and bottled items and unauthorised brands of water bottles were offered for sale at stations.

It seems as if management is to blame. Frequent changes in policies regarding catering and the instability in those responsible for catering services have led to a lack of hygiene, lack of bills being provided, as well as discrepancies in the standard of food being served.

Hopefully, for train passengers, with this report, there will be a respite from the poor quality of food that they are forced to stomach on arduous train journeys. We hope that change comes sooner rather than later!

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