A Rendezvous With The World Of Baking at Puratos Flagship Patisserie Event – Indulgence & Beyond
September 1, 2017
Shruti Anand (1119 articles)

A Rendezvous With The World Of Baking at Puratos Flagship Patisserie Event – Indulgence & Beyond

Making a humble beginning with a small plant based in Navi Mumbai, Puratos India, a 100% subsidiary of Puratos international group has come a long way in the Indian market. With their massive range of products in bakery, patisserie and chocolate segments, it plans to go high and beyond in the Indian patisserie market.

Indulgence & Beyond – A Patisserie Event

We attended the signature patisserie event by Puratos called ‘Indulgence & Beyond’ that showcased the challenges and opportunities faced in the baking and patisserie market. The event was held on 22nd August at the ITC Maratha. The who’s who of the baking world right from Aditya Birla Retail, to Future Group, Monginis and Barista gave in their insights and dedicated time to enlighten everyone present at the event.

Indians love food especially sweets which makes it a big marketplace for patisserie. “Indians like their food; and taste is of primary importance. Sometimes it even supersedes health aspects of the food. Baked goods are no exception to this preference. Despite the fact that health and wellness is a key driving force in eating habits, baked goods continue to grow in India primarily driven by flavours and taste,” said Dilip Radhakrishna, Research Analyst Packaged Food and Nutrition, Euromonitor International as he shared insights on Indian consumers’ taste preferences.

Ranjana Sundaresan, Food and Drink Analyst, Mintel also believes that there is tremendous scope in patisserie in India. She said, “There is high acceptance of patisserie in India given our sweet tooth, but Indian consumers still prefer freshly baked goods over packaged products. However, our hectic lifestyles today will see a growing demand for convenient and innovative solutions. There is significant scope for packaged patisserie to cater to these needs.”

The products by Puratos aim toward the freshness, naturalness and taste aspects of baking. The goal is to provide complete baking and patisserie solutions to the industry. McCafe, Dunkin Donuts, Monginis and Mad Over Donuts are some of the Indian customers of Puratos. Be the oozing chocolate filling in a cake or new, innovative baking ideas, they have something for everyone.

Dhiren Kanwar, MD India, Area Director of South Asia of Puratos India, addressed the event. “Keeping up with Puratos legacy, Puratos India too is committed to offer solutions across the entire bakery value chain from developing new innovative product solutions, production, packaging to chanelising those insights back in the product development phase. We are strengthening our foothold as a reliable partner for large players as well as specialised bakers to ensure Indian patisserie and bakery lovers get baked delights that they find irresistible, healthy and full of taste,” he said.

The Heavenly Marketplace

Puratos had a dedicated marketplace where we could experience, first-hand on how innovative one can get with desserts. It was a La La Land, enough for us to be transported back to childhood. There were a variety of flavoured rusks, macaroons, baked cheese tartlets, donuts, and blueberry cheesecake to name a few. They also had cruffins which are croissants and muffins clubbed together. It was absolutely irresistible.

Ever popped a donut popcorn in your mouth? It is lovely and delicious and food coming together in harmony is something we’re all for. Cronuts, an amalgamation of croissants and donuts works well too. Marry your foods together because Puratos has a bucket-load of products that will help them make a reality.

The millennials who love on-the-go food due to their busy schedule but do not want to compromise on the freshness and taste, can definitely find solace in Puratos.  “Due to the growth of the organised retail and food service chains in India, consumers over the last few years have been introduced to new baked goods and flavours. Furthermore, the new and empowered millennial consumers with higher disposable income and changing lifestyles are also more careful about hygiene and quality (in terms of freshness, health and taste) of food they consume. These three key parameters are the current and future growth drivers of the baked goods market in India,” adds Dilip Radhakrishna.

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