Relishing Dim Sum And Bao Buns At China Bistro Mumbai

Relishing Dim Sum And Bao Buns At China Bistro Mumbai

We recently tried the food from a festive menu at China Bistro called the Dimsum and Bao Bun Festival. Celebrating steamed delicacies and vivid flavours, the food at this restaurant is quite good. We tucked into a good meal in a comfortable ambience at their outlet located at Worli.

Baos And Dimsums

We refreshed ourselves with a perky Sangria Basil Iced Tea which was much needed after the heightened humidity in the city. We were then served the sumptuous Prawns Singapore Dimsum and Edamame Dimsum. Out of the two we loved the former due to its gravy and flavour packed stuffing. The edamame dimsum too was quite tasty and a great vegetarian option at China Bistro. We also relished their spicy baos – Chicken Char Siu Bao and Fish Chilli Basil Bao. The baos had a kulcha-like texture and delish fillings on the inside. We also recommend dipping into their sauces served on the side to complete the taste experience.

For our mains at China Bistro we picked their Hot Pot Hunan Chicken with Burnt Garlic Fried Rice and thoroughly enjoyed this meal as well. The rice were top notch and chicken well cooked and delicious. Ending it on a lovely sweet note and Buddha’s blessings (which was a cocoa sprinkle from Buddha’s bell), we enjoyed our dessert called Buddha’s Fu. The cocoa was sprinkled on mango pudding with coconut flakes and raspberry coulis. The pudding and the coulis were a great combo and we ended the feast with a refreshing note.