Relishing A Regal Feast From Rajasthan In The City Of Dreams

Relishing A Regal Feast From Rajasthan In The City Of Dreams

The spirit of Rajasthan is in its culture be it tradition, art, folk dance and music, jewelry, clothing or food. Which is why people from the country and abroad come down to take in its magnificence. So it indeed is nothing less than an opportunity when Thakur Raghuvendra Pratap Singh, the Saheb Sarkar of Jhalamand Garh in Jodhpur came down to Mumbai with his royal cooks. Being treating to this royal feast at the Renaissance Mumbai was quite an exquisite experience and here’s what we felt.

Rajasthani Culture In Mumbai

We were welcomed with a guava cooler and a sparkling champagne before the meal began at Nawab Saheb, a quaint restaurant at the Renaissance Mumbai. While we enjoyed our drinks, the Rajasthani folk musicians played some ear soothing songs while the danseuse performed a beautiful ghoomar. Not only did she showed finesse while performing, she also got us to our feet and gladly invited us to join in.

The song and dance came to a pause as the starters began to come in. We were promptly served Bakre ki chaap, Maas ke soole, Jodhpuri macchi and Murgh ke parchey. The meat was succulent all through the snacks, the flavours be it the lamb or the fish were absolutely amazing. The masalas used by the khansamas or the royal cooks maybe a secret but there’s no hushing us on commending on the fabulous food that they’ve put up.

The feast continued with royal specialties like Bajre ka soyta, Mattu shahi maas, Murgh Achari and some Daal. We moped these up with rotis made of Bajra and Jowar as well as a plain naan. We’ve got to say here that the meat is nothing like we’ve ever tasted before, each and every piece so well cooked and brilliantly flavoured.

With the meats keeping us so occupied we somehow managed to save some space for the desserts and they were present in galore. There was so much to pick from – Rose Laddu, Malai Ghevar, Rabdi Ke Laddu, Makhanwada (Balu Shahi), Raj Bhog and loads more. We tried them all and loved the richness and marvelled at the smashing flavours of these desserts that simply refuse to leave our taste buds even now. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Thakur, his crew and Renaissance Mumbai for this heavenly experience.