Relish The Food Native To Aarey Tribe In Mumbai

Relish The Food Native To Aarey Tribe In Mumbai

The Renaissance Mumbai has an ongoing food festival, wherein one can not only enjoy the scenic views of the Powai Lake but also relish the local flavours of the Aarey Tribe. The elaborate buffet let’s one choose the dishes and try them little by little and then enjoy a plateful of it according to their preference. To savour the local cuisine, then gets easier to those unfamiliar to it. The food is inspired from the tribes located at the Aarey Milk Colony in the city.

Aarey Tribe Food Festival

Aarey, is home to 10,000 people residing in 32 hamlets spread over a distance of 28 kilometres. Known as the greenest patch of Mumbai, the food made in these 1027 households has immense flavour and variety. These include, sweet steamed modaks, thecha and zavla or dried shrimp, sukka mutton, bhujing kombada. Also popular is the handicrafts and artifacts which will all be a part of this food festival experience at the Lake View Cafe.

“At Renaissance Mumbai, we embrace the destination from a local point of view, acting as a gateway to an authentic experience of the destination. Renaissance delivers this through local expertise tailored to guests who want to make intriguing discoveries effortlessly, which is exactly our motive with this promotion. Our main aim is to make our guests encounter interesting and locally inspired dishes and elements with fascinating stories,” said Sahil Arora, Executive Chef at Renaissance Mumbai in a statement.


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