Relish Sumptuous Vegetarian Fare At Nara Thai In Mumbai

Relish Sumptuous Vegetarian Fare At Nara Thai In Mumbai

Thai food has become immensely popular in the city of Mumbai and one can find their red or green curry in every other restaurant. But the food is not just limited to these gravies. The flavourful, traditional Thai dishes taste like nirvana when made right and the one restaurant that does is Nara. So let’s head on to find what’s new that this restaurant is offering.

Vegetarian Thai Delights

Nara is known for its warm hospitality and authentic Thai food but many of us being vegetarians get sceptical while trying new cuisine. Do now fret for Nara brings you a range of vegetarian delicacies which are just as sumptuous and mouth-watering as their meaty counterparts. So let’s dig in and find out what’s in store.

One can start off with lovely, refreshing appetizers like Yum Phak Boong – fried morning glory leaves served with chilli lime dip; Som Yum – spicy raw papaya salad and Yum Som O – pomelo salad. You can also sip on a heartwarming Tom Yum which is a spicy lemongrass and lime soup, the perfect start to a delightful meal.

Dig into flavourful mains at Nara with dishes like Kang Ka Ree – yellow curry with mock duck or the Kang Kiew Wan – the traditional Thai green curry with vegetables and vegetarian mains like Phad Kraprao Hed Ma Khuer Yao – stir fried aubergine with mushrooms kraprao, Phad Kraprao with mock meat, Krajiab Prick Klua – crispy okra in Thai herbs or the Haew Lae Med Mamuang Phad Naam Prick Pao – water chestnuts and cashew nuts in red chilli paste. Pair the gravy dishes with Khao Phad Samunprai – Nara’s signature butterfly pea rice with Thai herbs.

So get ready for a delicious journey as you transport to Thailand with the lovely ambience and traditional meals by Nara in Mumbai.