Rejuvenate Your Mind And Body at the Pyramid Valley​ International​

In this day and age, stress is a staple in the lives of many. If you’re feeling exhausted and feel like your battery is currently running on empty then make plans to visit the Pyramid Valley International for the Quantum Energy Conclave 2.

Spend three peaceful days meditating, trekking, or just spending some time by the lake. Enjoy your stay in aesthetically designed Pagoda style cottages and relish nutritious satvik meals . Get acquainted with the latest developments in the cutting edge world of Energy Medicine, and meet global masters in the space.

Being held between January 26, 2018, and January 28, 2018, Quantum Energy Conclave is India’s only conclave that brings together the greatest minds in the space of Quantum Energy Medicine to share the latest developments in the world of Energy Medicine.