Refreshing New Flavours At The New Asian Restaurant In Mumbai – Open China

Refreshing New Flavours At The New Asian Restaurant In Mumbai - Open China

Open China has recently come up at Juhu and is located quite close to the Prithvi Café. The décor of the restaurant has been done keeping in mind the popular art representing China. The restaurant itself is spread over a vast area and the staff is quite hospitable, quick in service and helpful while suggesting dishes from their huge variety of Asian delicacies.

Sumptuous Starters

We started off our meal with a soothing Sea Food Coriander Soup at Open China which was a thick broth of prawns, scallops and egg white. Warm and satiating, this soup is a great choice if you enjoy seafood. Coriander as a condiment worked quite well along with the broth giving it a refreshing flavour.

Next up was the Lettuce Wrap with Lamb and Plum Sauce which is possibly one of the best items on their menu. Lamb was tossed with corn, carrots, bell pepper and scallions in a luscious oyster sauce. This was served on top of crispy noodles with lettuce wrap and plum sauce on the side. Put some lamb stir fry along with the noodles and plum sauce onto a lettuce wrap and eat it just like a taco. It is absolutely delicious, crunchy and full of flavour.

Delicious Dumplings

We tried their vegetarian and meaty dumplings which we enjoyed thoroughly. Coming to their vegetarian dumplings, we tried the Mixed Vegetable Crystal Dumpling which had a gorgeous and appealing look. Delicate and intricately made, this dumpling had great flavours and simply melted in the mouth. The dumplings at Open China do not need any soy or additional sauces for the stuffing itself has immense taste that makes you go wow.

Amongst their meaty dumplings we binged on Chicken Sui Mai Dumpling and Scallop Dumpling. Chicken Dumplings had minced chicken, water chestnuts and carrots, all marinated with spices. The flavours again were on point and we loved these. The scallop dumplings had both prawns and scallops which made for a lovely, soulful snack. All the three dumplings are a must try at Open China.

With that our visit to the Open China was complete and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy their food as well.