Reese’s New Outrageous Bar Combines The Best Of Reese’s Candy

If there was a remake of ‘a few of my favorite things’ we’re pretty sure that Reese’s would make the cut. Unless you’ve got a peanut allergy, of course. However, Reese’s has some great news that might salvage 2017. The candy brand will be rolling out Reese’s Outrageous Bars as early as May 2018.

While the Outrageous Bar is basically like a peanut butter cup, but the oomph factor is that the peanut butter filling is surrounded by a layer of caramel, and the bar’s chocolate coating is studded with mini Reese’s Pieces. Brb, salivating all over my laptop.

Even though the candy won’t officially launch until the spring, the candy giant debuted the brand new chocolate bar to some lucky residents in Royal Oak, MI, a town known for taking its Halloween celebrations to the next level every single year. Reese’s stopped by Royal Oak and distributed 30,000 samples, “making it the largest Reese’s sampling event EVER.”

We wish we were in Michigan (six words I never thought I’d say). Lucky ducks.