Redefining the grilling experience with Weber

Guys whose only time spent in the kitchen involves searching for beer in the refrigerator jump at the chance to cook dinner on the outdoor grill. Why? It’s just plain fun, and a great social activity, gathering in the backyard with friends or family for a relaxed cookout. So you have a weekend coming up, and the cloudy skies seem to be the perfect backdrop for a barbecue party with close friends. The beers have been stocked up, the meats and veggies have been marinated and chilled, you’ve got different types of cheese and wine all ready, and then, all that is missing is a super-efficient grill to dish out batches of lip-smacking treats. This is where the Weber Grill steps in.


George Stephen is the man behind the kettle. Grill master, inventor, and father of 12, his love of barbecue was almost as big as his love of life. Back in 1951, a love of good barbecue lit a fire under George Stephen. An employee of Weber Brothers Metal Works just outside of Chicago, George welded metal buoys for a local yacht club. But that’s not all he did: George loved to grill. With a growing family at home, he found grilling the perfect way to relax, but couldn’t find a grill on the market that lived up to his high expectations. One day, George was about to weld two buoy halves together when the idea hit: Why not use the bottom half for the cooking bowl, and the top half for the lid to create a grill? It wasn’t a one day’s task, after a lot of experimentation and planning, finally in 1952 in Chicago, Illinois, George Stephen started a backyard revolution that created a culture and added a new dimension to the culinary experience. He formed a unique design and achieved the ability to control temperature, resulting in better tasting food. “The Weber kettle grill is as much an American icon as apple pie. The rest, as they say, is history.


With the invention of the covered grill, Weber has made it possible to make the most popular outdoor culinary activities in the world, healthier by creating mouth-watering food that one can enjoy, share and be inspired by.” If you’re looking, you ain’t cooking”, embodies the philosophy of keeping the lid on the grill while cooking. This gives you complete control over the temperature and eliminates unexpected flare-ups, which can char your food and detract from its taste. This sparkled the culinary revolution of convection style grilling, which is circulating heat inside the grill, providing even cooking.


Grilling is fun and it’s not just restricted to making paneer tikkas and chicken kebabs, one can make a number of dishes like pizza, tortillas, breads and even desserts, yes you heard it right, Desserts as well!!…sky is the limit. A good grill makes for a joyous celebration with friends and family in one’s balcony, terrace or garden. It brings communities together, and can be enjoyed as a group activity rather than typically one person manning the grill and missing out on the fun. Weber has various types of grill suitable for every need and fancy, especially for the Indian market.
Their Modern Classics- Charcoal grill is the signature product of Weber, originated and invented by George Stephen back in 1950s which is essentially the ‘Covered Grilling’ idea. They are designed for good times and great barbecues. Its closed lid seals in natural juices and ass that delicious smoky flavour to veggies, meats and desserts. They are available in miniature formats as well, perfect for camping, trips, picnics and small homes.
Fashionable Q Series Portable Gas Grills- back in 2003, when the first Weber Q grill was launched, its innovative compact design and ease of use made it Weber’s most popular series of grills.
Premium Gas Grills- Weber determined to manufacture the best gas grill. By using the gas (mind you, only LPG gas cylinders can be used) as fuel, users can easily assemble and control the temperature.

Mr. Manish Khandelwal, Managing Director, Weber India, with the passion to create grilling culture in India, is geared to further spread backyard revolution. Under his stewardship, Brand Weber has launched Concept Stores and experiential centres- Grill Academy to introduce customers to the concept of easy and joyful grilling and experience fun, food and flavour.
And so on 2nd September, we were invited by the team at their Grill Academy in Ghitorni, wherein Mr. Manish Samtaney, Head of Marketing along with Mr. Brian Hendricks, Vice President, Asia Pacific, briefed us about the Brand Weber, the concept and idea behind the establishment and to educate us about the techniques of grilling and barbecuing.
The ground floor of the building spots the gorgeous grill and various accessories to go with. The climb to the first floor will bring you to a part dining part kitchen and grilling area, called their Grill Academy. Thereafter Chef Melvin took over and we proceed towards the preparation area where the work station was laid with an array of products for us to engage and make our own food!!
Chef Melvin was super fun and friendly and made it all seems so easy, as it is….we made pizzas, marinated and grilled our own cottage cheese steaks and grilled chicken legs and to top it all, I got to make a super moist, delicious banana bread with raisins and almonds.
The idea of bringing everyone together, having fun while making and then enjoying our food made the entire experience a memorable one. They take private classes in their academy for anyone and everyone who is remotely interested in venturing the art of grilling, an experience that ought to be popularized more in our societies.
Nothing would have made George happier than to see grilling rise to an art form.
Let’s not forget the most important part: grilled or barbecued food just tastes better than food cooked in the oven or on the stove. Searing meat over a high flame adds that delicious crust or “char” flavor. And what’s better than the rich flavor of meats slow cooked over wood smoke?