Red Dragons And Cherry Macarons at Yauatcha’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration in Bangalore

Yauatcha is the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangalore and when they opened their doors 2 years ago, the foodies in the city jumped with joy. It’s hard to imagine that it’s been two years already for one of our favourite restaurants in town. Well, they say, when you’re enjoying something so much, time sure does fly by. 

On the event of their 4th year anniversary, Yauatcha announced a limited edition menu, and the good folks there invited us to go by and check it out. 

Yauatcha - 1

Located centrally in the top floor of 1 MG Road Mall, Yauatcha has always fascinated us with its name. The name as it turns out is made of three words, Yau, the founder of the restaurant, at for the English word at, and cha meaning tea. We didn’t order any tea but it is served there.

As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by sophisticated and stylish interiors that eludes a sense of comfort and serenity which we absolutely enjoyed. In contrast to other Cantonese restaurants in the city, the interiors did not include Chinese lanterns and an over-the-top Oriental feel. 

The limited edition menu consists of an assorted dim sum basket, the red dragon which is a sparkling wine cocktail and cherry macarons.

The Red Dragon: 

Yauatcha - 3

Appropriately named Red Dragon, the cocktail was a mixture of sparkling wine with cucumber, which gave it a strong and vibrant flavour. This isn’t your typical sweet cocktail, and is more for those who like to venture into adventurous cocktails. 

The Dumplings: 

Yaatcha - 4

While we sipped on our Red Dragon, we were greeted with two platters of non-veg and veg dumplings. The dumplings were absolutely delicious that looked as inviting as ever in their beautiful bamboo pots. One of the standout dumplings were the shrimp dumplings that contained tender pieces of shrimp with caviar. The vegetarian dumplings consisted of crunchy baby corn and French beans dumplings and mouth-watering turnip dumplings.

The Macarons: 

Yauatcha - 2

The macarons were literally the icing on the cake. They were perfectly made with a crisp exterior and a creamy filling that in one bite took us right to heaven and back. The creamy filling had a subtle and perfectly concocted cherry test and was the perfect way to end our meal. 

Want to get yourself some dim sum and macarons? Head over to Yauatcha and ask for their anniversary menu, which is priced at Rs.1,700 (vegetarian) and Rs.2,200 (non-vegetarian) plus taxes. It’s on from November 9th until the 30th, so head on there now!

All photo credits to Nitya Balakrishnan.