10 Recipes You can Party With on Patty’s Day

What’s green and full of life one day of the year? (Step aside, Broccoli) Make way for our Patty’s Day Recipe Wagon (‘List’ sounded less festive somehow).  And what, you may ask, is in this delicious wagon? Cupcakes, mousses, fudges and treats. We’ve even thrown in a drink for the kids! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab that green apron and get cooking! Happy St Patty’s Day Folks! 

Psst. If all you need is your alcohol and green, head here instead. 

1. Shamrock Shake 

What a Sham'!

2. Irish Soda Bread 

Breaded Love

3. Guinness Cream Cheese Dip 

Dip! Dip! Dip!

4. Boozy Marshmallow Fudge 

Bring on the Booze

5. Irish Nachos 

St. Patricks Day celebration!

6. Guinness & Honey Glazed Pork Loin

Happy St Patricks Day

7. Poached Salmon with Irish Butter Sauce recipe

Poached salmon, anyone?

8. Chocolate Mousse with Irish Whiskey Whipped Cream

Bring out the Irish in you!

9. Shamrock Shake Cupcakes 

Sham Yum!

10. Lime Sorbet Floats for Kids 

Lime for Patty!