Zeera Pulao Recipe (Hindi)

A major chunk of the world’s population would rather pair their main dish with rice instead of bread. Of course by “major chunk” I am referring to Asia because rice is “BAE” on this side of the hemisphere. Whether it’s in the form of fried rice, sticky rice, simple steamed rice, biryani, or pulao, we love our rice and there is no two ways about that. And with this amount of love stems the need and desire to create variants of the existing recipes. One such loved and devoured rice recipe is the pyaaz zeera pulao or simple zeera pulao.

The dish is a delicious blend of whole spices, desi ghee, and rice and can be paired with just about any kind of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish or can even be consumed on its own. It’s basic yet totally delicious. Follow the steps below to make some zeera pulao at home!

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Zeera Pulao Recipe (Hindi)
Basmati rice cooked with ghee, mild spices, and onions.
  1. चावल को २०-३० मिनट धो के भिगोलें और फिर पानी बहादें।
  2. प्रेशर कूकर में हल्की आँच पर घी गरम करें और उस्में मसालों को भूनलें।
  3. अब इस्में कटे हुये प्याज व मिर्च डालकर तलें।
  4. भिगोये हुये चावल डालकर २-३ मिनट पकायें।
  5. फिर ३.५ कप पानी व नमक डालकर उबाल पर लायें और तेज आँच पर एक सीटी बजने तक ढक कर पकायें।
  6. पकने के बाद प्रेशर निकालें और परोसें!


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