Berry the Pie
An easy pie with a buttery crust that will simply melt in your mouth.
    For the pie crust
    1. In a large bowl sift flour and salt.
    2. Cut the butter into the mixture until worked into the flour.
    3. Pour 3 tbsp. of ice cold water over the flour and butter and knead with your hands
    4. Add 3 tbsp. of cold water and knead again.
    5. Dough should be able to form a ball.
    6. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour.
    For the filling
    1. Sprinkle cornstarch on the berries along with salt and stir in a bowl.
    2. Add vanilla, lemon juice and ¾ cup of sugar.
    Assemble the Pie
    1. Butter your pie pan.
    2. Remove crust from the fridge and divide into two with a dough cutter.
    3. Roll half the dough out into a circle to fit the pan on a floured surface. Place in the pie pan. the edges have to stick out a little.
    4. Spoon the strawberry mixture on top of the crust.
    5. Roll the remaining dough into a circular shape, enough to cover the pie plate with 1 inch hanging over.
    6. Cut strips across the dough approximately 1 inch wide using a pizza cutter.
    7. Create the pattern in the picture by layering strips horizontally and vertically.
    8. Pinch the ends of the top and the bottom dough together so that your pie comes together.
    9. Brush milk on pie crust using a pastry brush.