Cast A Spel(t)
Fluffy and SO good for you, spelt bread is the way to go.
    1. Mix the water, oil, honey, salt, and ONLY 6 cups of flour together on number 1 low speed in your bread machine.
    2. Mix until smooth. The mixture will be runny.
    3. Add the yeast.(sprinkle it in as it mixes)
    4. Now, start adding the remaining flour. Add about 3 cups of flour (one cup at a time while the mixer is running) then increase the speed to 2.
    5. Continue adding the flour one cup at a time until the dough starts to clean the edge of the bowl.
    6. Increase speed to 3 as the dough gets more consistent. Add smaller amounts of flour until the bowl is thoroughly cleaned by the mixing dough. (Check notes)
    7. Set the timer for five minutes. This is as long as you need to knead spelt bread. Spelt has a fragile gluten, so you do not want to overwork it.
    8. Keep kneading the bread. You might still need to add a little bit more flour.
    9. When your timer rings, your bread dough is done kneading.
    10. Spray your counter-top with vegetable or canola or your favorite non-stick cooking spray. You can also spray your hands while you are at it.
    11. Dump the dough from the bowl onto the counter.
    12. Separate the dough into 5-6 equal parts.
    13. Shape each part into a loaf.
    14. Generously spray your bread pans and place each part of dough into its bread pan.
    15. Line up your bread pans and cover them with a clean, lightweight towel.
    16. Let the bread dough rise until double in size. (About 45 minutes.)
    17. Uncover and bake your bread at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden brown on top (and bottom).
    18. Remove immediately from the pans and cool on a wire rack.
    19. Enjoy!
    Recipe Notes

    HERE IS THE TEST: Turn the mixer off. Tap the bread like you want to test it to see how hot it is. (It is not hot at all.) You are testing for stickiness. If your fingers come off clean, and the dough texture has a sort of smooth shine to it, you have created an excellent dough. Finish mixing for the remaining time. If your fingers come off with dough stuck to them, you will need to add small amounts (1/4 cup at a time) of flour until you can pass the sticky test.