Great Boston!
Flavourful beans that are just yum all by themselves.
    1. Mix the molasses, brown sugar, mustard, and ground cloves with 3 cups of hot water.
    2. Line the bottom of a slow-cooker with half the bacon.
    3. Place half of the drained beans on top of this layer.
    4. Add all of the onions in a layer, top with remaining beans and the remaining bacon.
    5. Pour the molasses-water mixture over the beans to just cover the beans.
    6. Cover and cook in a slow-cooker on the low setting for 8 hours- until beans are tender.
    7. Check the water level a few hours in, and if the beans need more water, add some.
    8. Add additional salt to taste if needed.
    Recipe Notes

    Most of our ‘tasters’ agree that the beans taste better the next day.