Simpsons Ribwich Sandwich Recipe
Delicious Ribwich!
    1. Grind the pork, water, sugar and salt with the help of a food processor till the mixture is well combined and smooth.
    2. Make four equal portions of the pork and shape them into rectangles.
    3. Wrap these pork portions in foil and freeze the pork.
    4. Slice the sandwich rolls into halves and brown them on a non-stick pan.
    5. Cook the pork on both sides using the same pan till done.
    6. Cool the pork for 3 minutes and then dip it and completely cover it in the barbecue sauce.
    7. Place the pork on the lower half of the bread roll and arrange pickle slices, and onion slices on top of fit.
    8. Place the top half of the bread roll and make the other sandwiches in the same way and serve.