Shahi Chicken Chaap Recipe (Hindi)
June 3, 2018

Shahi Chicken Chaap Recipe (Hindi)

Contrary to popular belief, a chaap is not always vegetarian (or made of soya). Moreover, a chicken or mutton chaap is very different from its non-vegetarian counterpart. This shahi chicken chaap is proof of that. Best served with some lachha paratha or biryani, the dish is a delicious chicken preparation with a rich gravy made with mild spices, cashew nuts, curd, and a delicious amount of ghee. Follow the recipe below to step up your dinner spread with a lavish chicken dish tonight!


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Shahi Chicken Chaap Recipe (Hindi)
Slow cooked chicken in a rich curd gravy.
  1. चिकेन में प्याज़, अद्रक, लेहसुन, हरी मिर्च, हल्दी, लाल मिर्च, नमक, चीनी, केवड़ा जल, गुलाब जल, व आधा बिर्यानी मसाला मिलाकर १ घन्टा रखें।
  2. तेल व घी को एक कढाई में गरम करें और उसमें चिकेन को बिना मसालों के तल लें।
  3. एक दुसरी कढाई में बचा हुआ मसाला भुन लें। अब इसमे खस-खस , काजू का पेस्ट व दही मिलाकर कुच्छ देर पकाँए और फिर चिकेन मिला लें।
  4. पानी डाल कर कुच्छ देर और उबाल पर लाकर पकाँए।
  5. बचा हुआ बिर्यानी मसाला व घी डाल कर अच्छी तरह पकाँए।
  6. गैस बन्द करके कुच्छ देर रखें और फिर परोसें।

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  1. Teresa B. Schaefer
    Teresa B. Schaefer October 31, 22:47
    Great Recipe!!1 . Thank you for posting it because it gave me the answers I was looking for - after scouring the Net for who knows how many hours. I'll definitely come back; got you bookmarked. Thanks again!
    • Rima Tandon
      Rima Tandon November 01, 10:44
      Thank you so much! We are glad to be of help.

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