Samosa Time
One of the best samosa recipes out there. The filling is de-lish. I wouldn’t be surprised if your samosas went without filling because you were ‘tasting’ a little too much.
    For the dough
    1. Place flour, carom seeds, salt in a bowl.
    2. Mix well and add the ghee or oil in a steady stream.
    3. With your fingertips, knead the ghee/oil in the flour until the mixture resembles bread crumbs
    4. Add 1 or 2 tbsp water and form a soft dough.
    5. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and set aside for 30-40 mins.
    6. Meanwhile make the filling.
    7. Boil the potatoes and peas. Peel and chop the potatoes into small cubes.
    8. Heat oil in a pan.
    9. Add the cumin and wait for it to crackle. Add the ginger-green chili paste and saute till the raw aroma of the ginger goes away.
    10. Lower the flame and add all the dry spice powders one by one.
    11. Add potato cubes & peas along with salt.
    12. Saute for 2-3 minutes.
    13. Remove from the flame and add the chopped coriander leaves. Stir well and set aside.
    14. Knead the dough lightly again. Divide into 6 equal pieces and roll each into a smooth ball.
    15. Watch the video on how the samosa gets its shape. Water is used to seal the edges.
    16. Keep them covered with a moist kitchen napkin.
    17. Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is ready for deep frying, gently slide the prepared samosas & quickly reduce the flame to low.
    18. Turn over in between and fry the samosas till golden.
    19. Drain samosas on paper towels. Serve hot with your favourite dip!