A version of the pickled onion which makes lively company for meats hot or cold, and cheese. Use small round shallots, peeled but left whole.
    1. Cover the shallots with brine (made with 2 cups salt to 1½ quarts water) and leave to soak in a plastic, glass or china container for a week in the fridge.
    2. Now you know how much liquid it takes to cover your shallots, heat the same amount of a mixture of half and half malt vinegar and white wine vinegar in a stainless-steel pan with the collection of spices. While this comes up to the simmer, rinse the shallots thoroughly and then place into the simmering spiced vinegar for 5 minutes then remove from the heat and bottle in clean, sterilized sealable jars and keep for a month somewhere cool. They are now ready to use. The leftover spiced vinegar is very good for dipping cooked whelks in.