Mutton Paya Soup Recipe (Hindi)


Just as delicious goat meat in every form is, equally nutritious is every inch, cut, and scraping off the meat. From the rich barbecued grills and meaty liver fry to delicious curried meat chunks, we love every little bit of it. One more supremely nourishing portion of this animal is the paaya (feet), which when slow cooked with a bunch of spices, can be whipped up into a delicious soup or broth. The resulting preparation is very high in proteins and delicious like a lick of heaven. The nutrient-rich spicy broth is a soup for all seasons; whether you’re feeling under the weather or are simply craving a bowlful of warm home-cooked soup. Here’s how you can make this amazing mutton paya soup at home.

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Mutton Paya Soup Recipe (Hindi)
Mildly spiced mutton leg broth.
  1. मीट को प्याज़, लेहसुन, गोल मिर्च, जिरा, नमक, मिर्च, व तेल के साथ अच्छी तरह मिला लें।
  2. प्रेशर कुकर में मीट को ५-६ सीटी के लिए पकाँए।
  3. ठण्डा होने पर हल्का नमक मिलाँए और २-३ सीटी के लिए और पकाँए।
  4. काली मिर्च डाल कर गरमा-गरम परोसें।