Mutton Korma Recipe (Hindi)


Korma is a traditional South Asian dish that is essentially a mildly spiced rich and delicious gravy seasoned with flavorsome spices, yogurt, and a sinful amount of oil or ghee. More often than not, a korma is made with meats like chicken, lamb, and mutton and is very rarely a vegetarian dish. Owning to its heavenly richness and deliciously heavy curry, this slow-cooked preparation is enough to feed an entire party with just a side of flatbreads like sheermal, naan, roti, or bakarkhaani.

As the name suggests, the mutton korma is a dish made with mutton pieces in a decadent textured gravy. Follow the mutton korma recipe below to cook up a lavish meal to wow your guests!

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Mutton Korma Recipe (Hindi)
Mutton in a thick gravy with yogurt and spices.
  1. कढ़ाई में तेल गरम करके उसमें प्याज़ को धीमी आँच पर भुन लें।
  2. इसमें मटन, दही, नमक, पानी, धनिया पाउडर, और लाल मिर्च पाउडर डाल कर कुच्छ देर मिलाँए।
  3. अब पिस्सा हुआ लेहसुन व अद्रक, लौंग, इलाईची और दालचीनी डाल कर अच्छी तरह मिला लें।
  4. ढक कर आधे घन्टे के लिए धीमी आँच पर पकाँए और फिर तला हुआ प्याज़ मिला दें।
  5. ढक कर एक घन्टे के लिए धीमी आँच पर और पकाँए।
  6. करारे प्याज़ से सजाकर परोसें।