Mango Mastani Recipe (Hindi)

A few centuries after Bajirao’s Mastani graced the Shaniwar Wada in Pune, the city is now sipping on the royalty’s namesake – Mango Mastani. Mastani (the drink) is famous in the city as a ‘dessert drink’, which is essentially a thick shake topped with scoops of ice cream, cherries, and nuts.

The shake is available in a variety of flavors but with mango on the menu, how can one possibly pick anything else? Follow this recipe to cool down with a glass of Mango Mastani this summer.

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Deewani Mastani
A thick mango shake.
  1. आम, दूध और वनीला आइस-क्रीम को मिक्सी में मिलालें और ग्लास में ढार लें।
  2. हर ग्लास के ऊपर एक स्कूप वनीला आइस-क्रीम डालें और काजू, बादाम, और चेरी से सजाकर परोसें।