Spicy Boondi Recipe
Learn how to make boondi, the spicy kara boondi that’s a favourite and popular South Indian snack, made especially during Diwali time.
    Prep Time
    Cook Time
    Prep Time
    Cook Time
    1. In a bowl, mix together besan, rice flour, salt, ⅛ tsp hing, and ¼ tsp chilli powder until well combined.
    2. We used a whisk to ensure the powders get mixed well without any big lumps.
    3. Add water a little at a time to get a thick batter. The right consistency is just a little waterier than bajji batter.
    4. Heat oil for deep frying until smoking point.
    5. Once ready, dip the stem of a spoon into the batter and let a few drops fall into the hot oil.
    6. If the boondi turns out in round shapes, that’s perfect. If the boondis are flat, the batter is too watery and to fix that, add 1-2 tsp besan. If the boondis have a tail, the batter is too thick, add more water, again very little at a time.
    7. Once the oil and batter are ready, prepare your boondi ladle. If you don’t have a boondi ladle, you can use a slotted spoon. You need two slotted spoons, one for shaping the boondis and the other for draining the boondi from the oil after frying.
    8. Hold the boondi ladle over the hot oil and pour the batter gently over it. Don’t tap or shake the ladle, just hold it steady letting the batter fall through the holes into the hot oil.
    9. Fry the boondi until darker brown and crisp.
    10. Drain and transfer to a bowl lined with a paper towel.
    11. Before proceeding with the next batch, wipe the bottom of the ladle to ensure no batter is blocking the holes in the ladle.
    12. Continue with the next batch and keep going until the batter is all done.
    13. Wash and dry the strand of curry leaves. Ensure that the leaves are still on the stem, this makes it easier to fry the leaves.
    14. Once done frying the boondi, turn the heat off and immediately dunk the curry leaf strand into the hot oil.
    15. When crisp, drain and crush the leaves lightly before adding to the boondi.
    16. Do the same with the peanuts, drain and add to the boondi.
    17. Add the remaining ¼ tsp chilli powder and ⅛ tsp hing as well and toss well to combine.
    18. Cool completely and store in an airtight container for up to 4-5 days.