Healthy Salad Rolls by Chef Vicky Ratnani


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Healthy Salad Rolls
Fresh and healthy Vietnamese rice paper rolls with an amazing peanut sauce.
  1. Soak vermicelli in hot water for five minutes
  2. Strain and add sweet chilli sauce, chopped coriander leaves and mix well
  3. For the dip, add bird’s eye chilli to a bowl, along with chopped garlic, salt, fish sauce, soya sauce, lemon juice, sugar, vegetable oil and mix well
  4. For the rolls, dip the rice paper sheets in water for 30 seconds
  5. Remove and place the iceberg lettuce leaves, shredded iceberg lettuce, vermicelli mixture, julienned vegetables, chives, mint leaves on them and roll them
  6. Garnish the rolls with chive and serve with the prepared dip