Gujarati Kadhi Recipe (Hindi)

Here’s another all-time gem out of the old Gujarati recipe book. True to the basic definition of an India ‘kadhi’ (with the exception of Sindhi kadhi), the Gujarati Kadhi too features a thick curd and gram flour gravy spiked with mild spices and tempered with mustard seeds and dried chili. The only way the Gujarati kadhi differs from the rest is in its lack of turmeric and presence of jaggery, which makes the dish tad sweet, giving it the Gujarati stamp. Can’t wait to try it out? Here’s a quick and easy Gujarati kadhi recipe that you can whip up at home tonight.

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Gujarati Kadhi Recipe (Hindi)
  1. एक कटोरे में दही, बेसन, हींग, गुड़, नमक, और पानी अच्छी तरह फ़ेंट लें। गरम पैन में इस घोल को तब तक पकाते रहें जब तक वह पतला हो जाए।
  2. तड़के के लिए घी को गरम कर लें और उसमे जीरा, सरसों, लौंग, अद्रक, हरी मिर्च, और लाल मिर्च डालें और तुरंत कढ़ी पर डाल दें।
  3. चावल या रोटी के साथ गरमा गरम परोसें।