[Exclusive] 5to7 Baker’s Carrot Methi Bread

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Carrot Crazy
I love baking yeasted breads and always wonder how to incorporate veggies to give that healthy edge to it. I played around with some flavors to balance the bland veggie taste and I created this recipe that I adapt to any vegetable, Indian spices and herbs that I find interesting. Aloo and methi can be a match made in heaven but you will never know how well carrots and methi go with each other until you add them in your bread. This is my favorite desi bread flavor that balances the sweetness from the carrots and the bitterness from methi. You will earn extra brownie points if you add a handful of fresh methi leaves to this bread.
  1. Rough chop carrots and slightly sauté in oil. Cool and grind to a smooth puree with the water level mentioned above.
  2. Mix everything; yes, literally everything and knead for 10 minutes by hand or in a stand mixer till the dough is smooth and elastic. Keep in a well-oiled bowl for 1 hour or so till it is doubled in size.
  3. Transfer the risen dough to a slightly floured surface, knead lightly and roll it to a rectangle by hand or in any bread shape that you prefer.
  4. Watch videos to know how to shape the bread.
  5. Now place the folded dough in a loaf pan, cover it with a kitchen towel and keep it for the second rise for 45 minutes.
  6. Pre heat the oven at 200°C . Give a milk wash to the loaf and bake for 30-40 minutes. I reduce the temperature to 160°C -180°C after 25 minutes. If you’ve baked breads before and know how to adjust temperature on the spot, go ahead and reduce it.
  7. Remove from pan and cool completely. Don’t rush to slice it, patience will yield you neat slices
  8. This bread keeps good for 3 days with proper refrigeration.
Recipe Notes

Make a quick sandwich by sliding pudina/mint chutney in between. A wholesome breakfast ready in minutes