April 25, 2018

Coffee Jelly Recipe (Hindi)

Gelatinous food is as awesome as it is exciting. And the best part? You can flavor it with anything that you want! Right from sugary to fruity to savory – you can pick any and the end result will still be amazing! The jelly variation that we’re trying today is a coffee jelly.

This coffee jelly can make for an excellent instant beverage (when mixed with hot or cold milk), dessert or even just an edible form of caffeine. The recipe is super easy to make and, needless to say, awesome! Follow the instructions below to set some delicious coffee-flavored gelatin.

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Coffee Jelly Recipe (Hindi)
Coffee-flavoured gelatin.
  1. जेलेटिन को गरम पानी में घोल लें।
  2. अब जेलेटिन के घोल, चीनी और कौफ़ी को एक सौसपैन में मिलाकर तेज़ आँच पर उबाल तक लाँए|
  3. जिस भी बर्तन में जेली जमानी है उसमें उबले हुए घोल को डालें। ६-७ घण्टों तक फ़्रिज में रखें।
  4. टण्डा परोसें।

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