Afghani Chicken Kebab Recipe (Hindi)


Kebabs have played a major role in developing the human palate, especially in the Eastern hemisphere (more specifically Asia). From the jujeh kebab and falafels in the Middle East to the smoky char-grilled and tandoori specials along and beyond the Hindu Kush countries, there is a massive list of kebabs that have and continue to take our breath away! One such brilliant chicken kebab is Afghani Chicken.

As the name suggests, the meaty kebab is the brainchild of Afghanistan. Heavily marinated in a creamy yoghurt marinade seasoned with an array of spices and flavouring agents, the kebab is a juicy dish that can be cooked to perfection on a pan, in a tandoor, or even in a barbecue grill. The kebab is an excellent appetizer and even makes for a great accompaniment to be had with your main dish. Follow the recipe below to cook up some delicious Afghani chicken at home!

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Afghani Chicken Kebab Recipe (Hindi)
A creamy marinated chicken kebab.
  1. चिकन को अद्रक-लेहसुन के पेस्ट, हल्दी, दही, नमक, और आधे चम्मच गरम मसाले मे लपेट कर एक घंटे के लिए छोड़ दें।
  2. प्याज़, काजू, मगज़, और खस-खस को एक कप पानी के साथ प्रेशर कुकर में ३ सीटी के लिय पकाँए। पकाने के बाद इसे ठंडा करें और उसको पीसलें।
  3. नॉन-स्टिक पैन में तेल गरम करें और चिकन को ५-७ मिनट के लिए भुनें।
  4. अब इसमें पिस्सा हुआ पेस्ट डालकर अच्छी तरह मिला लें। ३-४ मिनट के लिए पकाँए और फिर केसर डालकर ८-१० मिनट और पकाँए।
  5. परोसें।