Aam Aadmi
Quick and easy Aam Recipe
    1. wash and wipe dry the mangoes. at that point peel them.
    2. mesh or shred the mangoes.
    3. in a skillet take the ground or destroyed mangoes alongside sugar and ¼ tsp salt. expansion of sugar relies on the poignancy of the mangoes and your taste. i included 1.5 glasses sugar. you can likewise include powdered jaggery rather than sugar. i utilized natural foul unadulterated sweetener.
    4. switch on the fire. blend this sugar+mango blend extremely well.
    5. on a low fire or sim, cook this blend. at first the sugar will dissolve and consistency will be watery. mix regularly so that the sugar does not solidify and continue stewing the blend.
    6. at the point when the sugar syrup will begin to cook, you will see the blend percolating .
    7. continue blending and cooking.
    8. the blend will start to thicken.
    9. at the point when the consistency of the sugar achieves a 2 string consistency. switch off the fire. on the off chance that you cook all the more, then the chunda gets a thick sticky hard consistency. the consistency ought to be similar to a jam consistency and look translucent. there ought to likewise be a slight smash in the mangoes.
    10. ultimately include ½ tsp red bean stew powder and ½ tsp broiled cumin powder. you can likewise more red bean stew powder on the off chance that you need.
    11. blend extremely well. cool aam ka chunda totally.
    12. when cooled, spoon mango chunda in a clean cleaned glass jug or container.
    13. serve aam ka chunda as a side topping with a north indian feast or you can likewise have it with chapatis or rot