Delicious! Serve with a crispy salad and garlic bread, and you’ll have a dish your family will love!

Kebabs have played a major role in developing the human palate, especially in the Eastern hemisphere (more specifically Asia). From the jujeh kebab and falafels in Middle East to the smoky char grilled and tandoori specials along and beyond the

Turkey lasagna rolls is simple yummy taste dinner dish!

The latest food trend that has been sweeping the internet is the mermaid trend. It’s so beautiful that we just had to jump on board. I saw this video from Delish and I was absolutely hooked. It’s gorgeous and it’s

Recently, we told you that Ferrero is going to be launching an official Nutella cafe, featuring all things gooey and Nutella. In celebration, we’re sharing a recipe for Nutella French toast.

The Cocktail Classics are going to be a new series that takes us back to the basics. We’ll be showing you all the greats of the cocktail world that have become mainstays in the world of mixology. To start us

In Food Wars, a Japanese magna series apple risotto makes an appearance. Here’s a recipe.

One quick and easy way to make a side dish for a favorite grilled herb potato.

Kesar pista kulfi ice cream recipe is a popular Indian ice cream dessert recipe.

The thought of beaten fish folded with eggs may not appeal to every palate, let alone beaten salmon. But here’s what we’ll use to sell this gorgeous salmon soufflé to you – beaten eggs and salmon blended with flour and

Spicy cocktails rarely make it to the menu, other than, the well-known staple – the Bloody Mary. However, it just has that spice factor and doesn’t have that masala kick that we Indians love. This Masala Day we’re going to try

In the Daniel Radcliffe starrer ‘What If’, there’s a completely drool-worthy scene when Radcliffe’s character, Wallace describes how to make Elvis’s Fool’s Gold Loaf; a sandwich filled with peanut butter and bacon. It sounds delicious, but over the top indulgent; have it sparingly!

An extremely popular Bengali curry, Prawn Malai Curry is a celebratory recipe and is usually referred to as ‘Chingri Macher Malaikari’ by most of the Bengalis.

There are various ways of making the staple pulse dish of India, a.k.a. dal. From the maa ki dal in Punjab to the amti dal in Maharashtra and chholer dal in West Bengal, the recipes just keep getting better! One such

Cabbage potato curry taste just awesome!

The Mai Tai is quite an elusive drink. Complex, and hard to get right, you won’t see many place advertising that their Mai Tai will be one of the best you’ve had. With this simple recipe, you can kiss goodbye

The most iconic drink from the still uber popular Sex and the City is a cosmopolitan; here’s a recipe if you feel like living it up Bradshaw style this weekend.

Chilli Egg Recipe

Chilli egg is different side dish for dinner and lunch.Yummy chilli egg dish have different tasty and colorful dish.

What’s better than a golden baked pie? A soft baked pie with some chicken, cheese, and egg! Otherwise known as quiche. Set in a delicious pastry crust, the dish packs a delicious punch with ingredients like veggies, cheese, mild seasoning,

Fruit Falooda / Faluda is one of the favourite dessert prepared with Ice cream and mixed fruits.Do try this quick & easy dessert recipe!