We Have Reasons To Believe That The 2018 Royal Wedding Will Serve A Banana Cake

We don’t know about the major chunk of 2018, but May sure is going to be special with the next Royal Wedding scheduled for Spring of 2018, that is, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Now, while D-day is still almost six months away and not many details about the Royal Wedding are out for the public to drool over, we have reasons to believe that the couple will have a banana cake for their ceremony. Allow us to explain why.


Banana For Bananas!

Though fruitcake has been a regular at the English Royal Weddings so far, Harry and Meghan may break that streak. A source close to the couple let out this snippet of information to The Telegraph. “This will be the first royal wedding cake made from bananas,” they said. But we’re not just relying on this anonymous source for our banana cake notion. Here’s further proof that we’re not bananas.

In an interview to Hello in 2016, Chef Darren McGrady, the royal chef to Princess Diana and her sons, said: “This will be the first royal wedding cake made from bananas,” they said.

While we were playing around with the idea of a royal banana wedding cake, bride-to-be Meghan Markle went ahead and posted this picture on her Instagram.

And if that’s not enough, here’s further reason. The Suits actor will apparently bring along a few American traditions (read, banana cake) across the Atlantic. This, however, does not mean a complete elimination of the traditional fruitcake, which has legit practical reason (it lasts longer and the couple often serves it at the christening of their first born) behind being the Royals’ choice. Much like Kate and William, who served two cakes – a traditional one and a “groom’s cake” made of William’s favorite flavor, a chocolate recipe from a cake he enjoyed as a child – Harry and Meghan too could enjoy a separate groom’s cake. No prizes for guessing the flavor for this one!


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