Are You Ready For Some Taco Soda?

Astronaut, ballerina, zookeeper, soda flavour inventor. For a kid, any of these would be a dream job, but for David Dafoe, one is a reality (no, he’s not a ballerina). Dafoe is a flavour scientist who creates unique beverage flavours for big drink companies like Jones Soda, Ocean Spray, Joia Life, and Diageo. As the founder of Flavorman, Dafoe, along with his small team, has created more than 443,000 flavours over the past two decades.
His company has created remarkably delicious-sounding beverages like blackberry pomegranate and lime-hibiscus, but they’ve also created some whackier varieties, like taco soda, bourbon soda, and devil’s food cake soda. We’ll take all the lime-hibiscus, but not so sure about taco soda. Google is clueless about these strange sodas, so it must not have been very successful.
But if you want Dafoe and his team to make you a custom soda flavour, it will burn quite a hole in your pocket: between $12,000 and $20,000. You may have seen his venture into the alcoholic beverage world, BeatBox, a brand of boxed mixed drinks, which was pitched on Shark Tank and won a $1 million investment from Mark Cuban.
His goal? To teach the beverage industry how to do flavours right. Finally! Someone to save us from the awful colas!