Are You Ready For A Pokémon Cookbook?

If you’ve grown up in the era of Animax and Hungama TV, your childhood would have been a constant jump from one Pokémon trump card to another. And let’s not forget the “I choose you..” or “Main tumhe chunta hoon…”. Well if you are a food-loving Pokémon fan, we’ve some great news for you!landscape-1456483171-pokemon2



Viz Media, the Japanese-American entertainment company that released four of Pokémon’s manga series in English, is currently translating The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy and Fun Recipes, a cookbook where all the recipes come out as foods that look like different Pokémon. The original book was released in Japan but will now be available in Europe as well from December 6th.

“We’re going to be doing our Pokémon Cookbook; that’s coming out in December and is aimed at kids,” Beth Kawasaki, senior editorial director said in an interview.Pokemon-Cookbook-GalleyCat



The recipe book will feature predominantly Japanese recipes drawing inspiration majorly from Pokémon characters. So expect a lot of Pikachu-like foods on your plate by the end of this year.

“You can learn about Pikachu ramen and Poké Ball sushi rolls and Mashed Meowth Potatoes, and Psyduck omelets. All of the recipes are made to look like the faces or the body of a character from Pokémon. It’s really fun, we’re very excited about it”, Kawasaki added.630x