Ravindra Jadeja’s Restaurant Jaddu Food Fields Raided, Inedible Food Found

In the present day, being a cricketer doesn’t just resign you to the pitch. Going into the food industry is now a popular choice among with Sachin, Zaheer Khan, Sehwag, and Jadeja setting up their own restaurants. However, it looks as if Jadeja’s restaurant, Jaddu Food Fields, has run into a bit of trouble due to a raid conducted by the food department of the municipal corporation.

Jaddu’s Food Field had a large amount of boiled food which was preserved for a long period, bread infected with fungus, food items without their expiry date mentioned, stale vegetables and food colour. These food items were destroyed along with the restaurant being given a 4-day notice to turn things around.

“Yes we had some quantity of boiled and cooked food. Only a few pieces of bread had gone stale. We used to preserve cooked food, but now we will ensure it is destroyed the same night. Also, we did not have a crusher,” said Nainaba, Ravindra Jadeja’s sister.

“We could not find it in the market, but will make arrangements now. The food colours were meant to be used only for vegetable carvings and not in food,” she added.

Hopefully, Jaddu’s Food Field will turn things around, because no one likes stale, old food.



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