‘Rasoi On Wheels’ Feeds Delhi’s Underprivileged In A Fresh & Innovative Way

The words ‘feeding the underprivileged’ is often associated with giving away leftover or surplus food to the ones in need. And while the deed is as noble as it could be, ‘Rasoi On Wheels’ by Millennium G Foods wants to do charity but with a difference. Piloted by Delhi restaurateur Atul Kapoor, who is also the co-owner of Connaught Place-based restaurant Q’BA, the idea behind this initiative is to feed the underprivileged freshly cooked food instead of leftovers.    

Inspired by the traditional langar ritual, Rasoi On Wheels lets people hire their food delivery services for charitable purposes at very nominal rates (the costs lie between INR 35 to INR 65), and with little to no profit in return. Moreover, the packaging used by the service is completely reusable and can even be reprocessed.rasoi-on-wheels2


Happiness On Wheels

True to its name, Rasoi On Wheels (Rasoi, meaning ‘kitchen’) operates out of a small four-wheeler. The team packs up the boxes of edible happiness in a 800 sq. ft. kitchen in Connaught Place; and the menu consists of some Indian foods like rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, chhole and roti, while there are also options like vegetable noodles, burgers and sandwiches for kids.rasoi-on-wheels5

To its founder and the deprived folks’ delight ‘Rasoi On Wheels’ has picked quite a speed and is zooming through the Capital feeding freshly prepared food to one hungry tummy at a time.

The charitable initiative has come a long way from serving up 11,000 boxes in its first month to distributing almost 30,000 meals a month in deprived areas like slums, construction sites, and more since its takeoff in March this year.rasoi-on-wheels6

Apart from these areas, Rasoi On Wheels has even teamed up with a number of schools for underprivileged children in Delhi and Gurgaon to bring food to slum neighbourhoods everyday.

And while Kapoor does admit to making some profit off the charitable enterprise, he also told India Today that the margins are not skyrocketing high and definitely incomparable to those who operate in the hospitality sector.rasoi-on-wheels3


Feeling charitable? Get in touch with the Team on their Facebook page.

Images: Facebook | The RASOI on Wheels by Millennium G Foods